Why Do Gay Men Try To Turn Straight Guys?

Why Do Gay Men Try To Turn Straight Guys?

Whether you’ve had that friend or been that guy, we all know at least one gay guy who has a major thing for straight guys and make it their mission in life to turn every hottie they meet. Whether it be one of the promo guys at your favorite club or some naive 19-year-old at their workplace, if your friend wants to bang him enough, he will make sure he pulls him out of the closet, whether he’s in one or not. The question is, why?

The Details

Why do gay men try to turn straight guys?

Lots of gay men argue that the only reason why every man on the planet isn’t gay is because they’re too scared to try it out, which is probably the case a lot of the time, but some men just don’t do dick. They just don’t. Not because they’re homophobic, they just prefer punani and that’s fine too.

So why do some gay guys always try to turn straight men?

From a psychological standpoint, it’s the thrill of conquering something “taboo”, “off-limits” or “forbidden”. All people have it in them to want something that they can’t have – sometimes to the point of obsession and people who get out of touch with reality with these desires can really hit a low point and feel horribly depressed if their “conquest” rejects them, blaming themselves for not trying hard enough, or trying too hard.

Another factor is obviously porn (yea, you saw that coming, didn’t you?). Adult entertainment can give us a seriously askew point of what is real and what isn’t. The fantasy of turning the hot, straight firefighter into an anal-obsessed gay nymphomaniac is a rather delicious daydream, I’ll admit, but this isn’t Hollywood and in real life, unfortunately, these things don’t happen.

Mind you, it’s rare but not completely impossible for straight guys to meet and fall in love with another man and change for the sake of their partners, but this usually makes them bisexual and hardly results into turning a guy completely gay. According to some scientific research, most men who once considered themselves straight who have tried out sex with guys often classify themselves as bisexual or pansexual – the act of being sexually attracted to someone despite their sexual orientation or gender identification.

It seems so primitive today to “try to turn” someone, because we already know that most people are in the gray area – neither straight nor gay, little bit of both or whatever the case may be. We’ve evolved so much in the last 20 years that it’s starting to become the norm just to live and let live, despite what’s between somebody’s legs.


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