What Should You Do For Your Gay Daddy This Christmas?

What Should You Do For Your Gay Daddy This Christmas?

I know Christmas is still a long time away, but at least I waited for Halloween to finish before I started posting Christmassy posts. Besides, if you’re anything like me, you’re already worrying about what you’re getting who before the Christmas rush starts in your local malls. Also, if you have a gay daddy, you’d know how incredibly hard it is to shop Christmas gifts for them, but is shopping for gifts really what you should be doing?

The Details

What should you do for your gay daddy this Christmas?

Every gay daddy is different in their own way, but they all share one specific trait – they are the caregiver in the relationship. So, I could compile an entire list of different colognes or underwear you should be buying your daddykins for Christmas, but the truth is, you would know what he likes better than I ever could.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit different and want to think out of the box, this is going to be the list you turn to.

Generally gay daddies are compassionate, loving and like spending time with their “boi”, which means that what he would really like to do for Christmas is spend quality time with you. Sometimes our careers and life in general gets in the way of that special time you should be spending together, so why not take advantage of the Christmas Holidays to spoil your daddy with exactly that?

Plan an Island Getaway

If you live in a city or neighborhood that’s always filled with hustle and bustle, sometimes a little getaway to a far off place that’s completely tropical and beautiful is all you need. Imagine how romantic something like that would be with just the two of you – sharing champagne on the beach at twilight, or getting dirty on the beach under the stars.

Go For A Picnic

On Christmas day, find a nearby picnic spot and pack a bunch of aphrodisiacs in a picnic basket. Enjoy the outdoors and chat and be silly while feeding each other oysters and who knows, if the aphrodisiacs work then before you pass out from sunstroke that evening you might just get a little sexy time in too.

Start a Project Together

Whether it’s a massive DIY project around the house or planning a little Christmas party, the fun of doing something so innocent together might seem a little corny, but it’s great bonding time for the both of you and your gay daddy will appreciate the time and effort you put in to spending that time with him. Also, he gets to show off his skills and you get to show off yours.

Just Be

Spending a day just lazying around the house wearing your pajamas (or nothing if you prefer), watching reruns and pigging out on snacks can be the best way to spend time together and it’s definitely a great way to spend Christmas with a daddy.

Christmas isn’t all about lavish gifts and lush parties, spend it with your daddy just because you enjoy each other’s company, you’d be amazed at how much more he would appreciate it.


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