What Is It That Makes Daddies More Desirable?

What Is It That Makes Daddies More Desirable?

Daddies are known to be mature, classy and experienced. The fact that they’re rugged and live-wires in the sack is a bonus as well. Some are loaded, some are cuddly and some are everything above, need I say more about what exactly makes daddies desirable?

The Details

What is it that makes daddies more desirable?

Some may call daddies the “fluffier” version of a kinky dom, but we all know that even though they are more relaxed than a leather-clad dominator, you definitely don’t want to piss your daddy off. They’re known to love giving discipline to their subs, either by spankings, gagging or bondage. They love to show that they’re in charge, but there’s more to them than all that.

Daddies are known to be a lot more forgiving and loving than the average dominator. They treat their subs either by gift giving, lush vacations or just a simple act of fellatio for hours on end. They love to treat their submissives (or “littles”) almost just as much as they love to punish them. If not more.

They demand respect – pretty much as any figure of authority – and can get quite kinky if that respect isn’t given or boundaries are pushed. Sometimes it’s fun just to push daddy’s limits… and other times you might just regret giving daddy lip.

Sometimes they will give you a stern stare or a firm talking to… and then other times you’re forced to get the paper in full-on PVC leather, walking on all fours, only to return to him to lick his perfectly polished shoes (that you, no doubt, polished for him in the first place). Again, it depends on the type of daddy that you have.

Other times daddies just like to come home to a home-cooked meal and a beer in hand while he watches the soccer with you sitting on his knee. In a way, a daddy can be almost the same as a gay bear, but with the exception of giving discipline when their subs act out – which doesn’t necessarily mean that their subs can’t be naughty or cheeky, but there is a fine line between teasing and disrespecting and this is a code that daddies stubbornly stand by.

In a way, daddies are tamer than other dominating figures, but what makes them more desirable is the fact that no good deed goes unnoticed and generally they are more passionate and caring to their subs than any other dominating figure ever will be.


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Contributor – Brock Avery

Brock is a retired gay porn star.  He has worked for some of the biggest studios in the USA and Germany.  Brock likes to share his knowledge of all things hot and jock.  His passions are great sex and hard gym workouts