Is Your Gay Daddy Too Strict?

Is Your Gay Daddy Too Strict?

By now we know that having a gay daddy is like having a caregiver at your beck and call. He’s almost the vanilla version of a dom who you can talk to, cuddle and have frisky, spanky sex with. He’s the man that not only fucks you like you’re his naughty little 18 year old boy, but also spoils you, treats you like a gem and reprimands you when you’ve done wrong, but when is your gay daddy a little too strict?

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Is your gay daddy too strict?

Having a gay daddy can be awesome. He’s the responsible one who takes care of finances, medical bills, medical appointments and whatnot. He’s the one who takes care of you while you sit and look pretty and do your own thing and it’s generally quite wonderful. However, some guys take the role of “daddy” a little far and can get a little controlling with their subs.

Some take the responsibilities or stress a bit hard and take it out on their subs, sometimes resulting in verbal or physical abuse. Which is never OK. A bit of roleplay spanking in the bedroom never hurt anybody, but when that controlling nature gets out of hand outside of the bedroom, things get a little more complicated and a lot more harmful.

Sometimes it’s just verbal, but even that can do a lot more damage than the submissive realizes, until it’s too late. Daddies are usually very good persuaders and some will take this power of persuasion and turn it into an evil manipulation tactic, sometimes brainwashing their subs into thinking friends and family don’t care about them and eventually making them cut them off entirely. Subs normally don’t realize this happening and will sugarcoat a lot of things that their daddy does or says to make them look a lot less terrible than they actually are. At times the sub will find themselves standing up for their daddies even when they know what he says or does is wrong.

Getting a sub to really sit and think about how badly their gay daddy is treating them or restricting them from doing things they really like ultimately depends on the sub. Sometimes during a fight a sub would call a friend and vent to them without realizing that they’re “disobeying daddy” and the friend will say something to make them realize just how serious the situation is.

It’s not that they don’t have the ability to think for themselves or because they’re dumb or naive, but that is just how “bad daddies” work. They are generally quite brilliant at manipulation and the sub would mostly feel like what they’re doing is wrong and not the other way around.

So, think about it. Is your gay daddy too strict? Perhaps it’s time to have a talk with him and if he refuses to listen, perhaps it’s time to move on.


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Contributor – Brock Avery

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