How Do Gay Bears Celebrate The Holidays?

How Do Gay Bears Celebrate The Holidays?

Gay bears are known for their love to party and the holidays are indeed, no exception. Whether it’s at festivals, house parties or bars across the world, where there be bears – there be celebrations! From Christmas to New Years Eve, a party is always a-brewing and you would be crazy to miss out on at least one bear celebration these holidays.

The Details

So, how do gay bears celebrate the holidays?

Nobody, and we mean nobody, can get you as ready for the Holidays as the gay bears can. So set aside your worries and head over to our Are You Ready For Gay Bear Events This November / December? post to find out where you can find some of the most hip and happening gay bear events over the holidays, because let’s face it, nobody can party like the gay bears.

Obviously anybody and everybody is welcome to join the shenanigans (beard or no beard), given that you go with an open mind and a love for the fab festivities, hot and hairy men in their briefs and a willingness to let your hair down. An extra liver would be useful, but not a necessity if you can trust yourself enough not to drink too much.

No matter where in the world you decide to join, whether it be in the winter wonderlands of New York or London or in tropical paradises around the world, getting into the hair-raising fun is super easy with sites dedicated to bear events all over the world, including Facebook – seriously, just do a search for Gay Bear Events in your area, you’d be surprised at how many pop up.

Bears love to drink, dance, have barbecues, listen to great music and hold fun bar games, if you can think of some way to have fun, the bears have already mastered it and then some. Many will be hosting festivals during the erm, “festive” season, so great bands and DJs are a given no matter where you go.


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