Do Gay Bears Deal With Discrimination?

Do Gay Bears Deal With Discrimination?

Bears are big, strong and tough – that much is pretty obvious. Most are so masculine that they can make it through an entire family barbecue without Aunt Bessie questioning their sexuality and just assume her nephew came along with a “friend” and hasn’t met the right girl yet.

It might seem like gay bears have it easy, they don’t have to tell anyone their sexuality if they don’t want to because narrow-minded conservatives don’t see them as “obviously” gay (typically stereotyping gay men as feminine), but how do they cope with discrimination, if any, when someone does find out that they aren’t as straight as they might seem?

The Details

Do gay bears deal with discrimination? If so, how?

The whole “Gay Bear” classification comes from big, hairy and mostly masculine men that look like big ol’ bears. The kinds of guys you see roughing it up in leather or chilling at the football stadium drinking beer and scoffing chips. It’s the ultimate heterosexual man’s kingdom, right? Well, no. Being gay doesn’t change your personality or your likes, it only means that you prefer penis over punani. Who you are has nothing to do with it.

Keeping that in mind, most people are quick to assume that coming out for a gay bear is easier than it is for a guy that’s a little more feminine in nature. Why? Because nobody’s going to say anything to his face because even though he’s gay, he’s still big enough to punch you into a coma. That isn’t the case though.

Because of that very reason, a lot of gay bears actually get discriminated against a lot more when they do come out to their family and friends as homosexual. A lot of friends or family members tend to find it very shocking because they don’t see the “signs” of any stereotypical “homosexual” behavior – for example, Jimmy never played with Barbies, so how did he become gay? Honestly, this is how these people think, I’m not making it up.

Also because of their very “manly” likes, a lot of gay bears lose a lot of their straight friends because of their sexual preferences, which is why gay bear society is so open and friendly to anyone who wants to join their communities. They know what it feels like to lose friends because of something so mundane and honestly, if it wasn’t for societies like them, a lot of gay bears would probably be too scared to come out to their friends in fear that they would end up not having any friends at all.

So before you think that gay bears are too big and tough or strong to get their feelings hurt, remember, we all suffer some form of discrimination – even in this day and age – whether you’re a cub or a bear.


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Contributor – Jake Smith
Jake is a hairy, fit cub from Sydney, Australia. His many work trips to San Francisco introduced him to bear culture and a little bondage. Loving the bear scene, Jake continues to expand his hairy, beefy, man-smelling sexual experiences. His American daddy is particularly proud of his progress.