Can Your Daddy Dom Also Be A Sugar Daddy?


Can Your Daddy Dom Also Be A Sugar Daddy?


Being a daddy dom does not necessarily mean he’s an older, rich guy with a wallet full of hundreds. He should be, and believe me some wish they could be. Being a daddy dom is, however, so much more than giving his little all that they desire.

A sugar daddy, on the other hand can’t always be dominating or he could be making problems for his sugar baby and their demands… let’s explore.

The Details

So can your Daddy Dom also be a Sugar Daddy?

There’s always some confusion as to whether a daddy is a sugar daddy or a daddy dom. Yes, it’s true that some daddy doms are loaded and will buy their littles whatever they desire, but sometimes even their bratty littles need to be put in their places, because daddy knows best after all.

Unless you’re dealing with a fully-fledged, self-confessed sugar daddy, you need to come to terms with reality. You can’t expect your daddy dom to be giving you his money 24/7 and throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t, he is still the dom and even if he has the money to give you all that you desire, if you don’t deserve it, he’s not spending a dime on you. Being in a DDLB relationship is about spoiling the little in many other ways as well.

Keeping that in mind, a daddy also needs to learn to differentiate the difference between a “little” and a “sugar baby”. Littles tend to be submissive, needy and clingy by nature, whereas sugar babies tend to be more dominating, bratty and spoiled. To spoil a little is to buy him nice things, take him out to nice places, even watch their favourite episodes of whatever childish TV show they seem to have taken an interest in. Sugar babies demand their daddies to do as they say, give them what they want, whenever they want it. No exceptions.

In the bedroom, a little tend to do whatever their daddy dom tells them to do because their sole reason for existence is to make daddy happy. The nature of a sugar baby is to put themselves first, so in a way a sugar baby is a lot more of a dom than a sub and daddy doms have a hard time dealing with their bratty, spoiled natures, and the feeling is mutual with sugar babies. Sugar daddies are a lot more submissive than daddy doms, so there is a clear difference between the two types of “daddies”.

So no. Your daddy dom might like spoiling you, but that form of spoiling could vary from buying you a closet full of new clothes… no hours going down on you for hours.


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Contributor – Logan Turner
Logan is a 32 year old, single daddy dom and stripper from New York, USA who loves nothing more than to teach his sub boys just how to please him.