Are Daddies Always Older Men?

Are Daddies always older men? The short answer, is no. Mostly daddies aren’t even older at all. In my experience with being a daddy dom, I’ve learnt that many men prefer the term “daddy”, whether they’re 18 or 80. Many older men also don’t like it if you refer to them as “daddy”, simply because it weirds them out because they genuinely ARE fathers themselves. So what makes you a “daddy”?

The Details

Looking at me, at first glance, the word “daddy” sure isn’t the first thing to spring to mind. I’m not over the age of 50, I make sure I don’t have a “dad bod” and although I have a beard, it’s not bordering on Santa Clause’s either, and yet I’m considered a “daddy dom”. Why?

Well that’s because being a “daddy” doesn’t require the above. It’s all about being a dominating caregiver to your sub (or littles) – or in my case, subs. DDLB (daddy dom, little boy) is a form of BDSM with a bit of a twist. Firstly, daddy doms aren’t usually as aggressive as a leather-doms and usually put their sub’s needs before their own. They spoil, cuddle and even watch the occasional animated film with their “littles”, if the occasion calls for it.

Now, without breaking our manly appeal, hear me out. Being a dom doesn’t always have to be about fucking and fleeing. Being a dom is about caring for your sub and building a trusting relationship with them. Littles are the most needy of all subs, but can be most fun during sex play. They hardly have a problem with getting as down and dirty as daddy wants and welcome any anticipation, teasing and spanking with open arms, because what daddy wants… daddy gets.

So no, daddies might be classified as the older, the more experienced and the wiser of the doms, but that does not mean that they’re necessarily old. Daddies have more patience than most doms and don’t often brag about it, which makes them more mature as well. That’s the most appealing trait in a daddy dom.

Another positive trait of the daddy dom is the fact that because they put their submissive’s needs first, the daddy finds pleasure in pleasing his sub until they can barely breathe. They wear their subs out and can hold their pleasure for as long as possible, because the control of pleasing your sub until they can’t walk anymore, well, that’s another high entirely. When the sub has happily orgasmed a few times and is in a state of pure euphoria, the daddy dom then allows the sub their reward and that could range from hours of sucking his big daddy cock to allowing them to be tops for a bit, because a happy, pleased sub is usually always horny and ready to make daddy happy.


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Contributor – Logan Turner
Logan is a 32 year old, single daddy dom and stripper from New York, USA who loves nothing more than to teach his sub boys just how to please him.