Am I a Daddy Chaser?

Am I a Daddy Chaser?

Perhaps we can label being genuinely attracted to older and more mature men as a sort of “fetish”, but then again, it makes more sense to be attracted to someone like that, doesn’t it? Yet, you get types that fake it to get into the pockets of well-established “daddies” and these weasels are what’s called “daddy chasers”. Sort of a gay version of Anna Nicole Smith, if you will.

The Details

Alright before anybody shoots my head off, I’m not saying that men who are genuinely attracted to older guys are  gold-digging whores – just the ones who fake it. I mean, why else would you pretend to be attracted to a daddy? Sometimes even the daddies fake being attracted to much younger or immature men just to have some sexy arm-candy handy for lush events. Relationships like those just never last, and for good reason too.

Of course it’s terribly cliche to say that love conquers all in the end – especially when we know it’s really lust – but in relationships like the ones where a daddy and his “boi” pretend to be into one another, when they actually have ulterior motives, have no chance of surviving. Eventually one will be caught with his pants down, getting sucked off by sexy Julio the pool boy or whoever. Usually that would be the “daddy chaser”, because he’s really into barely-legal Adonis-bodied Latina guys like Julio and not wrinkly ball-sack Winston the CEO of some random toothpaste company, you know?

Anyway, back to my point.

Daddy chasers are generally known to be the gold-diggers of the gay community and usually seek out daddies to snatch either because they’re terrified of being alone or being alone and broke. It’s a lot more common to find an older man that’s attracted to younger guys than you would find younger guys that are attracted to older men (sad, but true), hence why it’s so easy for daddy chasers to hunt and capture a potential (sugar) daddy.

Sometimes daddy chasers can be in denial, because it’s immoral to be with somebody purely for their money or the stability they provide and most are too narcissistic to admit they would ever do something like that, even to themselves, and they would genuinely believe that what they’re doing isn’t completely wrong.

So how do you know if you’re a daddy chaser? Be honest with yourself.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you genuinely attracted to older men?
  • What is it about your current daddy that drew you to him?
  • Do you find yourself fantasizing about older men in general?
  • Do you find younger guys or guys of a similar age to you more attractive?
  • Are you overly ambitious and take pride in getting what you want?

If any of these questions made your stomach queasy or confused your moral code a bit, well that’s the feeling of denial. If you’re not generally attracted to older men and the main thing that attracted you to your partner wasn’t his good looks or charm, but the car he drove or his bank balance – you need to take a hard look at yourself, because you’re a full-on daddy chaser.

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Contributor – Brock Avery

Brock is a retired gay porn star.  He has worked for some of the biggest studios in the USA and Germany.  Brock likes to share his knowledge of all things hot and jock.  His passions are great sex and hard gym workouts