Jack Coal is the brand identity of Coalshaft. He is a respected, confident and cheeky gay rugby player from Sydney, Australia. Outside of training, Jack travels the world in search of adventure. Jack’s role is to spread the “Confidence Wins” message to all gay men, irrespective of their race, colour, religion or upbringing. Jack believes in embracing identity and showing true confidence to manifest life success.

Why Confidence Wins?


August 2015

Nick (a military dude) and Waz (a corporate guy) decide to develop an online business over lunch in Byron Bay, Australia.

September 2015

Brainstorming begins, ideas tested and Coalshaft 1.0 is born.

December 2015

Intellectual property is developed with manufacturing and distribution channels sourced after multiple trips to the USA. Things look hot.
July 2016 - After much effort, the Coalshaft website is launched.

August 2016

A deployment to the Middle East pops up and Nick is absent for 7 months.

December 2016

A few months after Nick returns, the boys review their business and realise it’s crap. They shut the site down and go back to the drawing board.

Feburary 2017

Nick shared the confidence discovery with Waz. Waz reflects on his own corporate experience and agreed wholeheartedly. Coalshaft is reborn with a new purpose… to promote confidence in gay men around the world.

March 2017

Jack Coal is developed as the identity of Coalshaft. Through illustrated adventures, Jack will demonstrate to every gay man that Confidence Wins.

September 2017

Mock ups of Jack’s clothing line are tested on the streets of Chicago and West Hollywood. It is a huge success and stirs a lot of attention.

Where do you want Jack to go next?

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