Why Is Gay Foot Worship Such A Popular Fetish?

Why Is Gay Foot Worship Such A Popular Fetish?

Feet. You either hate them or you love them. There really is no in-between when it comes to feet. They either remind you of all things stinky, sweaty and ugly, or they absolutely drive you mad with lust. What is it about feet that turns so many ordinary people into foot fetishists? Some would say it’s the shape, others would say it’s the size and others would say that it’s the smell that drives them crazy. What is it about this specific body part that gives people such strange desires?

The Details

Arguably the most popular fetish in the world, “Podophilia” (as it’s professionally known) or the “Foot Fetish” is slowly becoming a little more “normal” and “vanilla” in today’s society as its popularity grows, and over 4/10 men worldwide are known to have this fetish – and yes it is more common in men than in women. Also, did you know there are fetishes associated with feet that you’ve probably never even heard of?

Among these are shoe and sock fetishes, toe fetishes, toenail fetishes, toenail polish fetishes and so on. Not to mention, these guys get rather picky with the types of feet they like. Some prefer big toes, some prefer long toes and some prefer short and stubby toes and then you get the guys who prefer high arched soles and these who prefer wrinkled soles and so on. Today, however, I’m going to focus on a very misunderstood type of foot fetish – the Gay Foot Worship Fetish.

What is Gay Foot Worship?

Stemming from BDSM’s “sub and dom” role-play and of course the foot fetish, gay foot worship is all about the feet and how the dom controls his sub with his ever-so-mesmerizing footsies. The sub would get pleasure out of the dom forcing him to lick his feet, wash his feet or pamper them. Other times the dom would walk on the sub or make him suck his toes or lick things from them. It really all depends on the relationship between the dom and the sub and how much of a foot fetish the sub has.

So why worship feet, you ask?

A lot of Foot Fetishists say it’s the thought of feet being “unclean” that gets their engines revving and makes the fetish that much more “taboo”. Believe it or not, the “worshipping” part plays a huge role too. Some men just love confident – bordering on arrogant – doms that tell them how they must worship their “perfect” feet while they squish their sub’s cheeks in with their soles. Sometimes covered in something unsavory like mud or just plain clean feet.

The subs get off on being told that they’re not worthy of having those “perfect” soles wrapped around their cocks and this usually leads to more dirty talk about how they wish their dom would do dirty things to them with their feet. Sometimes all the dom has to do is seduce the sub with the idea of doing things to them with their feet to send the sub into a flat spin.

It’s a game of cat and mouse really – with a really mean cat and a mouse with a very big foot fetish.


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Contributor – Logan Turner

Logan is a 32 year old, single daddy dom and stripper from New York, USA who loves nothing more than to teach his sub boys just how to please him.