Why Do Daddies Do It Better?

Why Do Daddies Do It Better?

“Daddy doms” seem to be taking the spotlight these days as the most mainstream form of dom on the scene. Why? Because we’re the doms that give a fuck. Or, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Seriously though, DDLB kink (daddy dom, little boy) is taking over the gay kink scene in a big way, becoming more popular among BDSM enthusiasts simply because it puts a more “human” spin on a kink that’s all about that leather, rubber and hardcore sex.

The Details

So what is a “daddy” per se? If you’re under the narrow-minded spell of the conservative mindset, you may think that calling your dom “daddy” is sick or disgusting, made for paedophiles who want nothing more than to get a little boy in the cubicle of public bathroom. No. You couldn’t be further from the truth, so do yourself favour and educate yourself. Chances are though, that you came to this little article for a better explanation and don’t have that mindset. Thank goodness.

DDLB (or for our hetero friends, DDLG) is the label used for the dynamic in which the one partner is the caregiver and dom and the other is the little and submissive. It’s in no way real incestuous relationships and the daddy and the little are (fucking hopefully), not related in any way.

The term is merely a sub-branch of BDSM, with the dom being an influence and a somewhat parental figure of authority to their submissive partner and the sub is the childlike figure who tends to seek guidance, advice and obviously, discipline from their “daddy”. In most BDSM relationships there should be a downtime (non sex-play time) where boundaries are discussed and respect is given. In DDLB relationships this is only different in the sense that “downtime” is spent with the “daddy”, no longer being the “dungeon master” per se, but to the loving caregiver who spoils and cares for his little, yet still holding a firm hand on situations and doesn’t like when lines are crossed and tantrums are thrown.

But why do daddies do it better?

Usually when a “little” has been bad, the daddy dom will reprimand him and demand a ruler, a brush or even the use of his hand to spank his little’s backside. This usually ensues in some naughty roleplaying of the sub begging for forgiveness and the daddy not stopping the “punishment” until the sub has learnt his lesson. To be quite frank with you, DDLB is a more romanticized version of BDSM, but can also be rough when sexy time rolls out.

Daddies are known to be the best disciplinarians as they will always keep their little’s best interests at heart and value trust of their subs more than most doms. Sometimes a rough night of intense “punishing” for the sub can be ended in a reward (going to the movies, a trip to a theme park, etc), which the daddy and sub both value most of all.


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Contributor – Logan Turner
Logan is a 32 year old, single daddy dom and stripper from New York, USA who loves nothing more than to teach his sub boys just how to please him.