Which Are The Most Popular Fetishes Among Gay Men?

Which Are The Most Popular Fetishes Among Gay Men?

The definition of a fetish according to the English dictionary is “a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or item of clothing or part of the body”, and this could mean that someone would become sexually aroused by anything to do with their “fetish”. Whether you’re into latex, feet or even big bellies, it’s all considered a fetish – here are some of the most popular fetishes in the gay community today.

The Details

Which are the most popular fetishes among gay men?


Being sexually aroused by leather or the BDSM scene in general has become something of a “normal” thing in the gay community, but is still taboo enough to be labelled a fetish. People who have this fetish love it for different reasons. Some like the feel, some like the smell, some like the look and others like all of the above. When you think of kink or fetish, leather tends to spring to mind because it’s just such a popular fetish.

Tattoos & Piercings

There’s something about a chiseled body covered in tattoos and piercings that sends even the most vanilla person into a flat spin of sexual desire. Perhaps it’s primal instinct – since it was always only something prisoners and bikers used to have – that we subconsciously link it to something taboo and that makes us want the person who has it. Also, if done well, it just looks incredible.


Probably the most accepted of all the fetishes, feet have always been a bit odd to those who don’t share the fetish. In both the straight and gay communities, feet is a pretty big deal. From their smell, their look, what you do with them, what shoes or socks you’re wearing, to them being super clean or terribly dirty. Foot fetishists are terribly picky about what gets their engines revving.


Yes, a peeing fetish is very popular in the gay scene. You may have heard how some people enjoy “watersports” and well, they weren’t talking about some outdoor play park activity. Peeing could be part of the humiliation fantasy where one partner pees on the other, or it could be one partner wetting themselves while fully clothed. Truth is, this fetish comes in different forms (as most of them do) and some don’t even need the act of the pee touching anyone, they just get off by watching someone taking a leak in the bathroom.


Being a “Peeping Tom” is probably every man’s fantasy. Watching someone do something they’re not supposed to, or just simply doing everyday things without them knowing they’re being watched is a massive fetish for a lot of people, which is why it’s so popular in porn. For some this includes fantasies of watching other people have sex from a closet or exposing their naughty bits in public.

There are, of course, many more fetishes out there, but these are the absolute top of the top when it comes to the most popular fetishes in the gay community, so don’t feel ashamed if any of these apply to you – there are many people out there within the community with the same fetish tastes as you do.


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