What Is Puppy Play?

What Is Puppy Play?

No no, puppy play has nothing to do with funny shit happening with real life animals, so relax. Puppy play is a fetish that’s shared by millions of people around the world – the majority of it being men. There is an entire community of both gay and straight people who enjoy the fun of dressing up as a pup, being treated like one and acting like one. Yip, this is a real thing.

The Details

What is puppy play?

As far as fetishes go, this is one of the most strange and believe it or not, popular ones out there. In a Youtube documentary entitled Pup play: men who live as dogs – The Feed, we see that there is a lot more to “Pup Play” than just men dressing as dogs and growling at their neighbors or pissing on the mailman.

These men (and women) literally feel most comfortable in their “skin” when they’re dressed up as dogs – they feel that this is their true form, and most feel that the sexual aspect is only a bonus, it’s not the entire essence of it. From what I gather, being a pup is almost like being a sub, with their “human” or “trainer” being their dom. Their human will feed them, pet them, love them and train them – taking on the role as their caregiver, disciplinarian and in some cases, even their lover.

In other cases, human pups enjoy the company of other human pups more and can prefer to be romantically inclined with their fellow pups than that of a human trainer. Which, in my mind, just sounds better.

The popularity of Puppy Play seems to be growing as there have been thousands of expos and events for people of this community popping up worldwide and a lot of pups are coming out of hiding because of this and exposing themselves “without the pup hood” – referring to the attire worn by the human pups, which usually consists of a “hood” resembling the face of a dog, a leather suit, a “Woofy” tail (which is inserted in the form of a tail buttplug and wags when you squeeze your anal muscles) and obviously, a collar.

It doesn’t stop there. Some like to have their own kennels and / or cages as well and some even sleep in their own doggy beds (which is more than I can say for my own pups who have taken up residence in my bed). Along with these, pups even have their own toys – but these are not always squeaky toys or ropes made for tug-o’-war – although a lot of them do like to play with these.  These toys are usually anything from penis extenders, pod buttplugs, chastities and cock cages and can be bought on sites like thehappypup.com, which is a website dedicated to lovers of Puppy Play.

So next time you use the doggy filter for SnapChat, remember – there are people who pay a lot of money to look like that for real.


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Contributor – Logan Turner

Logan is a 32 year old, single daddy dom and stripper from New York, USA who loves nothing more than to teach his sub boys just how to please him.