What Is Gay Kink All About?

What Is Gay Kink All About?

Are you kinky? I mean, really kinky? Gay kink is all about the fascination with a partner and having them try out different fetishes with you, but what is it really? Is it all about leather and lace, whips and chains? The simple answer is no… let me explain.

The Details

A lot of people seem to be confused about what the difference between “kink” and “fetishes” are. A “fetish” is when a person has an almost obsessive sexual fascination with a particular body part or object. For example, a foot fetishist might want to tickle your feet, lick them, suck your toes or have you jerk them off with your soles.

Kink, on the other hand is more focussed on the sexual actions and even the person you’re doing the deed with. To call someone “kinky” is to mean that they like to explore different aspects of their sexuality, whether it be exploring different fetishes or exploring different sexual acts with different sexual partners of different sexual preferences.
So someone with a leather fetish, could be into leather kink, as you can do a lot with leather, however someone with a nose fetish (for example) can’t really do much more with noses thank a handful of things, so there really isn’t something called a “nose kink” – get what I mean?

Back to my point.
What is gay kink all about?

Well, firstly, being in the gay scene doesn’t automatically make you into “gay kink”, which could be anything from being into orgies, threesomes, swapping partners, BDSM, you name it. Being into gay kink generally means that you’re a sexual being, not afraid to explore your sexuality with whomever you choose. Some prefer to be in monogamous, vanilla relationships and that’s perfectly fine too.

Mainly, the gay kink scene is full of BDSM and leather fetishists. If you’re new to the kink scene, you might want to brush up on your kinky terms such as S&M (slave and master), what a dom, sub and switch is and how comfortable you are with what kind of kinky torture you might endure when jumping right in.

The gay kink scene is fun and unapologetic, but it’s also a community of people who trust and respect one another a lot. One rotten egg can spoil the pie, so if you’re the type to cause drama, you won’t fair well in this community built on leather and chains.

Do your research, figure out what you’re into and if you do happen to join the gay kink scene, above all, have fun.


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Contributor – Logan Turner

Logan is a 32 year old, single daddy dom and stripper from New York, USA who loves nothing more than to teach his sub boys just how to please him.