Pagan Orgies, Human Sacrifices & Other Strange Origins Of Christmas

Pagan Orgies & Other Strange Origins Of Christmas

When we think of Christmas, we think of Santa Claus, happy elves, mad rushes at the mall and insane family members coming over to have arguments and eating so much food that we end up looking like Milk in season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race with her pregnancy get-up. Almost everyone who knows what Christmas is, celebrates it, despite it being a religious holiday for Christians. But what if I told you that Christmas celebrations were around long before the birth of Christ and that there are some darker origins to the holiday we all know and love?

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Pagan Orgies, Human Sacrifices & Other Strange Origins Of Christmas

November and December are months that are cold and dark in most countries and if you go back thousands of years ago, Winter Solstice was a time when people died of the cold, starvation and disease. It was a dark time for many who lost family and friends and when the sun eventually rose, they would hold celebrations to “welcome” the warmth back. This celebration was called Saturnalia, typically celebrated by the Romans from 17 November – 25 December, and is somewhat hidden from our histories as people try to cover up the fact that the birth of Christ was not the only reason for celebration during this time. Also, the origins of Saturnalia wasn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows either.

The celebrations were held annually for the Roman god, Saturn – the god of the sun – and the Romanian government would choose someone to host the celebrations called the Lord of Misrule, who was a Roman citizen himself who would offer himself up as a representation of the enemies of Rome.

As the celebrations went on, the government and Romanian people (who mainly consisted of Pagans) would give them copious amounts of the best foods, give them unlimited access to sex parties with whichever men or women they desired and basically give them complete immunity to do whatever they wanted (things that were usually considered taboo).

By the end of the celebrations, however, they would sacrifice the Lord of Misrule to Saturn by means of torture – usually under mistletoes, which has become less of a gory symbol for Christmas in recent years, and in today’s world we use the mistletoe to kiss under, instead of slaughter under.

As the years went by, these celebrations started to get frowned upon (gee, I wonder why??) and with the newer religion (Christianity) getting popular, some of the more brutal traditions were scrapped to make way for newer, less violent traditions, like the ones we know today and was a way for the Roman Catholic church to convert Pagans without totally scrapping some of their tamer traditions. For example, Christmas trees symbolized the forest and the spiritual connection Pagans had with nature, so it ultimately stayed.

With that said, so many Pagan traditions and Roman brutality fell away to make way for the holiday that’s now known as the birth of Christ (which, wasn’t actually in winter if you consider the climate of the original story) to make way for a more family-friendly origin story of Christmas. It makes you wonder just how much more will be fabricated the origins will be in another 1000 years  when the world has completely changed to what we know today.


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