Is Sex With A Gay Daddy Better?

Is Sex With A Gay Daddy Better?

Gay daddies are known for their charming personalities, their sophistication, their mature sex appeal and, obviously, their experience. Daddies have been around long enough to know what works when, they know the ins and outs of a gay boy’s mojo and have mastered the sex game that most gay boys are still learning. Do you think sex with a gay daddy is better?

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Is sex with a gay daddy better?

Well I think I already answered the question there, but just because some gay daddies know their way around a boy in the bedroom, doesn’t mean they all do. You could be stuck with a 55-year-old virgin, or even worse, a daddy that was married to some Aunt Bessie for 25 years and now wants to try out some cock.

It’s very easy for older men to pretend to be sophisticated “daddy doms” outside the bedroom, but it’s their performance behind closed doors that will tell you if they really are daddies or not. Some men like to pretend that they are dominant because in their day-to-day lives they have no control over certain situations and to pretend to be dominant makes them feel powerful.

Also, men with a masculinity complex will usually feel that being submissive makes them “less of a man” and they believe that being dominant is the way men “should” be. Well, I’m calling bullshit.

Not every guy was meant to be Rambo and believe me, not every guy can be. Yet, these posers still walk around wanting to be called “daddy”, but as soon as you get them in your bed, suddenly they turn into little kittens that want to be controlled.

Real gay daddies know what they want and they know how to get it. Nothing stops a gay daddy from getting what he wants. You will know the difference between a real daddy and a fake one when you’re in a room with them and suddenly feel like the lion’s prey – hunted and yet, you would still feel safe, because a daddy’s fucking can be feisty, sexy and exhilarating, but he will still let you set the limits.


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Contributor – Brock Avery

Brock is a retired gay porn star.  He has worked for some of the biggest studios in the USA and Germany.  Brock likes to share his knowledge of all things hot and jock.  His passions are great sex and hard gym workouts