Are Orgies With Strangers Less Awkward?

Are Orgies With Strangers Less Awkward?

Orgies and swinging in general can be a little intimidating and it’s almost never the same as what you’d see in porn. OK – it’s NEVER like it is in porn. In porn you have the fantasy “filter” switched on – from the sexual music to the guys that are almost so hot that they can’t possibly exist in real life and the HD quality of massive cocks everywhere just adds to the experience. In real life you have two options – have an orgy with friends, or have an orgy with complete strangers…

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Are orgies with strangers less awkward?

While we all wish we could star in some Hollywood Brazzers porno, the chances that half of us would actually make it on screen with some of our favorite gay porn stars is zero to none. So what’s a guy to do when he has the sexual appetite of a wild beast and only a few not-so-hot friends who might indulge in his orgy fantasy? Easy – check the internet.

There will always be swingers parties or an orgy get-together somewhere nearby, but it’s absolutely vital that you be vigilant about it. Make sure that the parties involved are well-respected in the community and that they take the necessary precautions to keep everyone at the sex party safe. Take a friend along for extra safety precautions.

That aside, it will most definitely be a lot less awkward to have an orgy with people you don’t know than the people you spend a Christmas party with. Thing is, if you don’t really know the people it’ll be like a one-night-stand, it’s not like anything you do will haunt you forever since you probably won’t see those people again.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the experience is going to be that much greater, it just means that if something does end up being awkward, you can be rest assured that you don’t have to deal with it at a later stage.

Who you do end up having an orgy with is completely up to you and whether you would want to do something like that is completely your call. It’s hardly a spur-of-the-moment thing and if it is, you could end up in a horrible situation later if you contract some sort of STI. Rather be safe than sorry.

Life isn’t a porno, unfortunately, so always choose safety over a spur-of-the-moment fuck.


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Contributor – Tristan Ridge

Tristan is a 21 year old, HOT, bisexual Australian surfer-slash-college boy who just loves the swinging scene and explores it with his partners in his polygamous relationship. He’s been part of the swinging scene and orgies since he was 18 years old.