How Can Jerking Off Benefit Your Health?

How Can Jerking Off Benefit Your Health?

Jerking off. It’s not necessarily a fun past-time, but it’s not exactly something we’re actively avoiding either. Whether you’re spanking the monkey 5 times a day or only when your love isn’t around to help you out, it’s something we all do from time to time. It keeps our minds clear and focused, helps us fall asleep and keeps us from sexually harassing the hot new intern, but did you know that jerking off is actually beneficial for your health too?

The Details

So how can jerking off benefit your health, I hear you ask.

Increases Prostate Health

Well, for one thing, jerking off can greatly decrease your chances of getting prostate cancer as discussed in What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Milking? , prevent you from getting any prostate inflammations or suffering from an “enlarged” prostate – a problem most men have once they reach their senior years.

Aids In Heart Health

You might, or might not know that masturbating has a profound impact on your heart health as well. A study conducted by The American Journal of Cardiology found that men who jerked off as little as once a month were more at risk of heart disease, cardiac arrest and other heart problems than men who masturbated at least 2 – 3 times a week, so in a way jerking off helps you live longer.

Building Stamina

Another thing jerking off helps with is your stamina. If you’re a one-minute man and don’t want to lose control within the first 5 mins of going at it with your new boyfriend, consider releasing an hour or two before actually going at it with your new squeeze. Most men take longer to reach climax the second time around, so keeping your pipes clean before going at it will help you go a little longer and avoid embarrassing premature ejaculation issues. If you do have a problem with premature ejaculation, however, you should totally have a look at our article called What Is Premature Ejaculation and How Can I Control It?

Makes You Look Younger

Also, have you ever wondered why hot guys look so youthful? Well, because they get all that ass, obviously. I’m just kidding, but it’s also known that jerking off a hell of a lot (or fucking around) keeps you looking young and sexy. According to British Clinical Psychologist Dr. David Weeks, guys who masturbated more than 3 times a week look a lot younger than those who don’t. It might seem ludicrous, but jerking off helps you sleep better, encourages blood circulation and helps your skin glow – all things that aid in a youthful appearance. Not so crazy now, is it?

So next time you find yourself cleaning the pipes, don’t feel bad, it’s all in the name of health and beauty, after all.


Contributor – Tristan Ridge

Tristan is a 21 year old, HOT, bisexual Australian surfer-slash-college boy who just loves the swinging scene and explores it with his partners in his polygamous relationship. He’s been part of the swinging scene and orgies since he was 18 years old.