Which Top Gay Travellers Should You Follow On Instagram These Holidays?

Instagram is full of wannabe Kardashians posting their makeup tutorials and posting their less-than-exciting fake lives, but every now and again Instagram produces a diamond in the rough and these are usually in the form of gay travelers. Not only are their posts visually appetizing, eye catching or sexy as hell, but can make you feel good during the holidays as you lazy away on your own (much-needed) vacation.

The Details

So, which top gay travellers should you follow on Instagram these holidays? Here are our top 10 picks!

  1. @manchic
  2. @__travel__with__me

3. @nomadicboys

4. @dreameurotrip

5. @mrdavidduran

6. @therealduanewells

7. @kitwilliamson

8. @raviroundtheworld

Meet Mister Snowyyyyyman ☃️#RaviRoundTheWorld

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9. @barrettpall

10.  @justinliv


Contributor – Travis Wentz

Travis is a fit, intelligent South African writer and photographer. He loves to travel with his husband (Astin, a Caribbean surfer) and two dogs (Snowy and Roger). He also loves to explore different cultures and see the beauty in the world.