Where Is The World’s Gayest Gay Hotspots?

Where Is The World's Gayest Gay Hotspots?

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, I know you’re looking forward to exploring some of the world’s best gay hotspots and let me tell you, you’ve come to the perfect place to find out where exactly that is! From places to explore the best gay nightlife to exploring some of LGBT’s best museums, art galleries and restaurants – here is a list of some of my favorite gay hotspots to visit over the holidays.

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Where is the world’s gayest gay hotspots?

When we look for holiday hotsopot as gay people we’re always looking for places where we will feel most welcome. The last thing we want is to worry about whether we’ll be locked up for being gay – or worse. Luckily most main cities and countries are open to gay people in today’s life and finding places to holiday isn’t as hard as it might have been 20+ years ago. Some are more welcoming than others and I’m here to tell you all about the ones I’ve visited myself.

Let me dive right in.

My all-time favorite has got to be Berlin, Germany. Germany’s been one of the most liberal countries in the world since the 1920’s, when it was home to many gay villages and to this day it has some of the best gay nightlife and one of the best pride parades in the world called The Christopher Street Day Parade. It was also one of the first countries to make gay marriage legal, so you can expect it to be a very great place to let your gay flag fly.

Another one of my favorites is Stockholm, Sweden. I was fortunate enough to visit there during the Stockholm Pride in August last year and what made it so incredible is the fact that it is known to be the largest gay event worldwide, and it definitely lived up to the hype! From music festivals to fetish training, there wasn’t anything this parade (or Sweden in general) was missing.

Sydney, Australia, although gay marriage isn’t legal there yet, is also very gay friendly and is also incredibly fetish-orientated with many gay fellows there who are into the “puppy play” scene – it is so huge, in fact, that there are several expos dedicated to the followers of the fetish.

My home town of South Africa is no exception. Cape Town, South Africa is known as the “Gay Capital” of RSA (also called the “Second San Francisco”), because it’s an undeniably huge gay hotspot with Greenpoint and Seapoint being the favorite destinations, because not only is it one of the friendliest (and not just gay-friendly, just friendly in general) places to visit, but it is indescribably beautiful as well. Calling South Africa the “Rainbow Nation” isn’t just about how the country is full of different races, but people of different sexual orientations, nationalities and cultures as well.

I hope you find my list of the gayest gay hospots useful and that you can apply it to your Christmas holiday travels.


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