What Makes Stockholm Such A Great Gay Destination?

What Makes Stockholm Such A Great Gay Destination?

Ask any homosexual person where in the world they’d like to go and it’s pretty much guaranteed that Stockholm will be among their top 10 places. Being one of the most gay-friendly places in Scandinavia (and the world), it’s filled with LGBT clubs, restaurants and bars, major LGBT events like film festivals and even romantic soft adventures for gay couples.

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What makes Stockholm such a great gay destination?

Without a doubt, visiting Stockholm when the pride parade is in town will be the greatest experience of your life. Its usually between July and August and is well-known for being one of the biggest events in the country and it’s also the busiest you will see the city, which is saying a lot.

An awesome thing about Stockholm is also the fact that they have no “gay areas” or “gay zones” or “gayborhoods” – it’s all pretty much open to anyone, making you feel even more welcome. They do have some exclusive clubs, but mostly it’s a free-for-all. Two popular areas among gay guys are places called Sodermalm and Gamla Stan (which is also known as one of the best-kept medieval cities in the world).

You will find clubs there that make the nightlife in Stockholm that much more awesome, and they include:

  • TANK
  • Club King Kong
  • Moxy
  • Space STHLM
  • SLM
  • Patricia
  • LIQ

They sure love their acronyms, don’t they?

If you’re more reserved, Stockholm has some leisurely activities as well. You could cruise around on a ship or get on a ferry and explore the islands around Stockholm, go hiking, kayaking and even camping. Gay or not gay – no discrimination is allowed. All restaurants and bars are open to gay people as well, so there’s no need to go out looking for “gay friendly” ones.

The wonderful thing about Stockholm is mainly the fact that it has such a rich LGBT history, so most people there are used to gay people, it’s not a taboo or strange thing to them at all.  I mean, gay relationships were legalized back in 1944, back when most people didn’t even give a second thought to whether gay people existed or not, and the world soon followed. Back in 2009 gay marriage was made legal and in 2011 the Swedish constitution even prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation – they really are an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Stockholm is a paradise for LGBT people and you’d be silly not to go at least once in your life.


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