Are You Ready For Gay Bear Events This November / December?

Are You Ready For Gay Bear Events This November / December?

It’s no secret that gay bears love to party. It’s written in their biology, if you will. No matter where you go in the world, a gay bear event is always a-brewing. Bears like to live it up and that’s why they’re often classified as the “funnest” of gay people. So, will you be letting your inner bear out and attend some of the bears best Christmas events this year?

The Details

Whether you’re in Germany, the USA, Spain or the UK this Christmas, you have to mark your calendar with the fun gay bear events scheduled this season. It doesn’t matter if you’re into hybernating with fellow bears or partying it up at pride parades or even New Years Eve parties – we’ve got all the biggest parties listed for you below.

  • Bear Pride Cologne – 22 November 2017 – Cologne, Germany
  • Chubfest Thanksgiving – 23 November 2017 – Palm Springs, CA
  • Pig Week Fort Lauderdale – 23 November 2017 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • White Party Week – 23 November 2017 – Miami, FL
  • Mad Bear 2017 – 04 December 2017 – Madrid, Spain
  • Party Day de La Jaula – 09 December 2017 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Midwest Bearfest Legally Bear Year 21 – 14 December 2017 – Indianapolis, IN
  • BEEFMINCE – New Year’s Eve – The BIG DONG – 31 December 2017 – London, United Kingdom

You can find many other gay bear events at and obviously you’ll find a hell of a lot more if you search for gay bear events in your area on Facebook.

Bears are really taking over the world and you would be silly not to join the fun. They’re open to all and really are some of the most fun people you will ever party with. So get your growl on and make sure you attend these epic events hosted by some of the world’s biggest bear players.


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Contributor – Jake Smith
Jake is a hairy, fit cub from Sydney, Australia. His many work trips to San Francisco introduced him to bear culture and a little bondage. Loving the bear scene, Jake continues to expand his hairy, beefy, man-smelling sexual experiences. His American daddy is particularly proud of his progress.