How Do Gay Male Models Get Such Amazing Skin?

How Do Gay Male Models Get Such Amazing Skin?

Checking out male models on the runway or in magazines, you’d easily be fooled into thinking that it’s camera filters, makeup and airbrushing that makes many models look like they have flawless skin, and even though that might be true to an extent, a lot of models actually have naturally beautiful skin and they do a lot to maintain it – it’s not always about the products they use, but the care they give to their skin that makes it look so perfect.

The Details

So how do gay male models get such amazing skin?

As much as we would like to credit our genetics for our clear, beautiful skin (and we do, even though it’s not always true), we must take credit for the hard work that goes into keeping our skin super sexy, because it’s not as easy as waking up and being flawless without work. Although, that would be amazing.


In order for male models to get the perfect skin that they’re known for (along with their hot bodies), keeping hydrated is the ultimate, number one factor in keeping skin glowing. It’s recommended that a grown man drink up to 3 litres of water a day, not only to keep his weight in check but keeping his hair, nails and skin in tip-top shape, which is kind of a necessity when your appearance is your money maker.

Alcohol Consumption & Cigarettes

Models were always known for their love of wine and cigarettes, but in modern years a healthier model image is seen and idolized by thousands. Not only is it more acceptable to lead a more tasteful, healthier lifestyle these days, but both alcohol and cigarettes are well known to clog up pores and cause damage to the skin on your face, causing breakouts, acne and wrinkles.


The natural oils you sweat out when working out is actually very good for your skin and a lot of breakouts are due to the fact that our skin is actually too dry. Exercise stimulates blood flow to your skin, which gives it the nutrients it needs and also makes your skin glow.

Dark Fizzy Drinks

Along with alcohol, fizzy drinks also contribute to weight gain and a loss of elasticity in your face and not only restricts the nutrients to your skin, but also ends up making you look older – especially the darker variety that’s filled with caramelized syrups. Diet or no.

Washing Your Face

Over-washing your face can rob it of the natural oils that prevent breakouts from happening, so a lot of male models only wash their faces once a day – in the evenings. In the mornings they’ll splash their faces with cold water (known to tighten the facial muscles, making you feel more awake) and dab it dry with a soft towel.

Avoiding Sugar

Sugar is the devil – a sweet, beautiful devil disguised in delicious chocolates and cakes that must be avoided. It has a drying effect on the skin and is known to cause wrinkles and lines on the skin, which speeds up the aging process.


Sunscreen is actually known to slow down the aging process by keeping the sun’s harmful rays at bay, but too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. Sunscreen also clogs up your pores and using it on a daily basis can keep your body from creating Vitamin D, so skipping sunscreen a few days a week is not necessarily a bad thing.

Models are usually quite disciplined when it comes to their skin routines, which is why they usually have such beautiful, glowing skin and many recommend starting these healthy habits early to prevent themselves from a short-lived career when their faces start to sag.


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Contributor – Brock Avery

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