Which Makeup Tricks Are There For Gay Men?

Which Makeup Tricks Are There For Gay Men?

Makeup. The absolute thought of the stuff sends straight guys running in the opposite direction, which is probably why they never look as good as we do. Well, that and the fact that we’re genetically programmed to be absolutely beautiful creatures, but that’s beside the point. Youtube is filled with tips and tricks on how gay men can look absolutely gorgeous with makeup, but which are the ultimate of the ultimate tricks you should be applying to your flawless look?

The Details

Which makeup tricks are there for gay men?

Note how I said “flawless” and not “dramatic”? Yes, this article is all about how to make yourself look flawless in a natural way and not in an avant garde  manner. So drag queens, move along, darlings – this post will be basic math to you.

Take Care Of Your Skin

It might sound like total common sense, but cleaning and moisturizing your skin daily can prevent pores clogging up and causing hard-to-hide inflamed pimples. If you’re going to be wearing makeup daily, it’s especially vital to make sure your skin stays on point, because let’s face it – nothing is less appealing than a concealer-filled bump on your face.

Learn How To Conceal

There are dozens of makeup tutorials on how you can use concealer to cover dreaded acne or dark circles under your eyes on Youtube, so make sure you check them out. Use a shade that’s at least 2 – 3 shades lighter than your skin tone to cover the areas that might need an extra base-coat, then use foundation over your entire face.

Eyelash Curlers Are Your Friend

It might sound absolutely ridiculous, but hear me out. Eyelash curlers have a way of opening your eyes like no other makeup tool. Once you’ve concealed your dark eye rings and “foundationed” your face, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and use a small amount of foundation to the tips of your upper lashes, then wipe off any excess clump. Because yuck, if you don’t.

If you really want your eyes to pop, use a hair dryer and blow your lashes up from under your chin (beauty hack alert!) – this makes your lashes look longer without going the Kim Kardashian fake lashes route.

Contour, Contour, Contour

Again, there are millions of Youtube tutorials on this. Contouring your face is probably the biggest life hack of the 21st century. The shadows and highlights can turn you into pretty much anything you want. Want those Johnny Depp hollow cheekbones? Pfft, easy. What about a square jaw a la Matt Bomer? Peace of cake! Shape your face to your heart’s content and make sure to invest in a good blending sponge as well.

Blend To Perfection

Once you’re done and you have your shadows where you want them, your yuckies are all covered and your nose is on fleek, powder your face up and highlight your cheekbones, T-zone, lips and the tip of your nose. If done right, people will ask if you had work done on your face, if not, they’ll ask why you’re wearing makeup. It takes practice, but just remember that less is always more. If a look doesn’t work, take it off and try again.

I hope these tips help you achieve the ultimate natural look for you.


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Contributor – Brock Avery

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