How Can I Be More Desirable?

How Can I Be More Desirable?

It can be easy to assume that being desirable comes easily for men who look like they’d been carved by Adonis himself, but being desirable is so much more than being a handsome, young bloke. How many times have you found yourself strangely attracted to someone who wasn’t what society would normally deem “attractive”? How many times have you found yourself admiring the traits of someone who wasn’t particularly good-looking but they seemed to have the sex-game firmly under their grip?

The Details

How can I be more desirable?

If you watch the TV series Lucifer, you’ll notice that there’s just something about the actor that portrays the character so deliciously perfect. They couldn’t get just any old sexy guy to play the handsome devil (pun totally intended). Apart from being super attractive, he has something about him that makes you want to dive into the television and just rip his clothes off – something I doubt Jake Gyllenhall could pull off, even if he is attractive as well.

So, what then, can we do to be more desirable?

Be Confident

It may sound horribly cliche, but work on your confidence. Confident men are sexy men. That’s why so many gym-bunnies tend to be attractive, because working on their bodies increases their endorphin release and that makes them more confident, which results in them being more attractive.


Glare, don’t stare and don’t get shy and look away. It’s a primal instinct to glare at something or someone you want, and not caring if they know it. If they look back and you drop your gaze, you’re seen as weak and undesirable. However, you also don’t want to come across as a creep who stares too long. Glare, hold the gaze for 6 seconds (maximum!) and look away with a sneaky smile. It’s been scientifically proven that someone who glares at you for 6 seconds wants to sleep with you… and if they stare longer they want to kill you. Don’t be the latter.

Look After Your Appearance

This does not mean you need to start matching your tie and your socks or work out until your pancreas hurts. It simply means that you should pull yourself together once in a while, make an effort with your appearance and ooze sex appeal in the basic ways we’re meant to. Take care of your hair, eat healthy, be good to yourself. Stock up on vitamins, get your nutrients in and don’t be lazy – there’s nothing sexy about a slob who spends his days in front of the television.

It’s really that easy, just love yourself enough to be the best that you can be and you’ll automatically become a lot more desirable.


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Contributor – Brock Avery

Brock is a retired gay porn star.  He has worked for some of the biggest studios in the USA and Germany.  Brock likes to share his knowledge of all things hot and jock.  His passions are great sex and hard gym workouts